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The Bradford Spring

I’ll be blunt, I’ve no respect for the George Galloway MP, who ironically stands for the Respect party. His victory in the Bradford West by-election in the news today was celebrated by George before the result was even announced. In his winning speech he crowed it was the greatest ‘by election victory ever’, it wasn’t.
Afterwards George was held aloft by his supporters in the street but was also attacked by someone throwing eggs. Why don’t I like George? well where should I begin, the list would be extensive. This is a man after all that shook hands with tyrant Saddam Hussein and said “Sir, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability”. One thing is for sure, the people of Bradford won’t be represented by him that much as he hardly attended parliament sessions when he was MP for Bethnal Green and Bow.
George is very much an ego, this is a man who boasted about bedding women in Greece during during the War on Want conference which in 1988 led to tabloid front page news which led to a vote of no confidence in him from his constituency Labour party. Later in 2003 he was expelled from the Labour party of comments regarding the Iraq war and the leaders behind it. In his winning speech today he proved the wounds of expulsion are still there as he rounded on the current Labour party and Tony Blair, though personally speaking he can carry on doing that as I’ve no time for him either. George wants Labour as it used to be, the point to mention here is that the old Labour party never won elections, hence Thatchers long reign. The simple fact is, Labour had to modernise in order to become electable and Blair did at least facilitate that shift.
George defends regimes in the Arab world knowing full well of human rights abuses, he even defended Iran by saying gay and lesbians weren’t at risk of execution, a claim that has been refuted by all every reputable human rights organisation.
Then we could move onto the fact that when he was a sitting MP he went on the reality tv show Big Brother which showed scenes of Galloway in mine and many others opinion bullying fellow contestant Michael Barrymore. I’ve no liking for Barrymore, he gets on my nerves but it didn’t take an idiot to realise that at the time Barrymore was emotionally unstable and not in a good place. After initially befriending him and commenting what a difficult time he’d had at the hands of others George had no qualms in moving in for the kill when a disagreement occurred.
I recently heard George Galloway on a radio programme, the subject of Christopher Hitchens recent death came up and he gloated about it, remarking along the lines of ‘I hope he now knows god is not only great but is merciful’. This comment following plenty of derogatory remarks of Hitchens, and George stands for a party called Respect, hard to believe eh?
There’s no doubt Galloway is a half decent orator and has character to a degree, though I personally find him boorish, egotistical and self centered. Whilst Galloway winning Bradford West has no doubt rocked the Labour party I suspect his cry of this is the ‘Bradford Spring’ will see little bloom in the political winter I feel that we are now in. Galloway has a receptive audience in Bradford because of his links and knowledge of the Asian community both at home and abroad. It was an easy sure fire win for him. This is not really a great victory for Galloway, its just the people of Bradford west either not voting or saying they’ve had enough with the current political parties and recent cuts, which as a nation we all have.
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