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I’m so glad we don’t have ‘Televangelism’ over here in Britain though I expect it could happen one day. I think the nearest we have to it is Psychic tv which is another form of deception of the gullible, thankfully its not a main stream channel. I find it shocking that people can actually donate sums of money to these organisations or pay for mystical services. As the image message states ‘God will honour your faith & obedience when you sow your $273 seed’. Note the obedience word in there? As the saying goes ‘A fool and their money are easily parted’.
Later blog addition.
I actually watched the broadcast here (though the link is the latest episode and may change) and it makes disturbing watching, it’s all about embracing the bible as absolute truth, guarding your mind (as it’s apparently weak), making leaps of faith and then he breaks into some weird psychic stuff. Twenty minutes in and they’re asking for the money after much high pitched biblical warbling. The main speaker Todd Coontz, (not pictured below) has evidently been doing this for some time and watching him made me feel uncomfortable. After 30 minutes I had to stop watching the emotional brainwashing.

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3 thoughts on “Televangelism

  1. I agree wholeheartedly!

  2. Terry Kelly on said:

    Seem to recall it was that glib but plausible creep (and utter loony) Billy Graham who parted millions of gullible Americans from their hard-earned dollars in the Fifites, and of course now, online, it is massively more powerful, and so far more wealth-generating for the hypocrites who profit by it. Vomit-inducing. Mind, in fairness they are only following their founder, who famously instructed, “Give all you have to the poor.” At least I think that was it. Maybe it was “Blessed are the cheesemakers.”

  3. Terry Kelly on said:

    Todd Coontz, what a name. “Todd Coontz-your-money”, more like. What a shower of Coontz.

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