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Brave Heart

Teresa MacBain is one brave woman. After being a christian for 44 years she finally realised it was all nonsense and proclaimed herself atheist and apologised for verbally attacking atheists in the pulpit. The Tallahassee religious community in Florida are still in shock and her local methodist minister Antonio Fernandez was quoted as saying;
“God Allows u-turns. We are praying for Teresa. Maybe in the future she will come back.”
God is indeed a great source of irony eh? In the very emotional video below she tells the American atheist convention on 26th March that;
“You were the ones who were going to burn in hell and I’m happy to say, as I stand before you, I’m going to burn with you.”
The video really made me swell with pride at her bravery especially as she comes from a religious background and community. If any christians have doubts about how understanding and caring atheists are (we’re just regular folks!) then watch this video and see the support Teresa gets, it really is heart warming. The truth is of course is that many christians are indeed closet atheists but don’t want to upset family or friends so it’s easier to go along with the easy life and keep nodding and praying. The thing is, once you break away from religious dogma and indoctrination and think out of that box with rational inquiring questions then religion soon falls down and is exposed for what it is.

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3 thoughts on “Brave Heart

  1. Thanks for sharing this. What she has done takes courage. I fear our churches are filled with unbelievers who don’t even know that’s what they are not to mention those who don’t “come out of the closet.” On the other side of the aisle, have you heard of this guy: http://www.pbs.org/frontlineworld/stories/china_705/interview/xiao.html

  2. Fantastic post. This won’t spread like atheist->Christian conversions always do, but still a great story :D

  3. Thanks Larry, and I agree with your point. Spiritual Savant I will check out your link and as usual thanks for the comment!

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