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Up In Arms

The British clergy are up in arms about government proposals to legalise gay weddings. Much huffing and puffing is occurring, the very sanctity of marriage is threatened and a lot of other nonsensical stuff.
The truth is the church is rattled, it feels its losing control of something else it has run for hundreds of years and it feels fear at the thought of it. I’m no fan of the current government but this is one of the more sensible proposals it may hopefully introduce. We already have civil partnerships, I just see this as another progression, and indeed same sex marriages such be legal and equal in the eyes of the state.
I’m not going to go into any further details really as you can read more in the link above.
In my opinion two people who are in love and want to get married should be able to, regardless of sexual orientation or gender, its really that simple. Why should we concern ourselves with an outdated, out of touch book which has been written and rewritten, heavily edited and contains fiction and the absurd. The bible just isn’t relevant in the society of today and who would want to pay attention to a book that vilifies homosexuality and wants all women to be subservient and domestic slaves to husbands?
Long may social progression and secularism continue.

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3 thoughts on “Up In Arms

  1. Do I hear an amen?


  2. Okay. I have some questions for you: Which hobbit do you identify yourself with? AND What does the term “humanist” mean to you? Does it have to do with being humane, for humans, and which humans would that be? What also does “progress” mean to you? What are the parameters or the indications that humans, that cultures, are making progress?
    The reason I ask these questions is, hopefully not to make you defensive (I respect you tremendously), but so that I can know where you personally are coming from. You see, I get the sense that homosexuality has become a fashion statement or a fad, and I can’t help but think that politicians are using that for their own advancement, which will in the long run eventually turn in a harmful way against homosexuals once the fad passes. I feel like they are using homosexuals for their own political gain, not because they really care about the persons involved. I am worried that many homosexuals will be harmed by the politician’s tendency to use certain groups so that they can get into power. I have also heard that the Ancient Greeks were very open to homosexual behaviors, so this is nothing new, and possibly not progress as you suggest.
    Thank you again for another thought provoking post!

  3. Lot’s of questions there.

    I don’t identify myself with any hobbit, the name just comes from the fact I like all things Tolkien, the creator of the resourceful little people and the fact I’m not that tall in real life.

    A simple description of the term ‘Humanist’ would be ‘Someone who believes that human values, experience, imagination and knowledge are the best tools we have for living a good life and making sense of the world we live in’. And of course the fact we can do so without gods or religion.

    What does progress mean to me? Well progress would definitely be a world moving away from religion in all its forms. I feel we just don’t need gods, man can do fine on his own without them. Mankind constructed gods (mainly to explain things he could not explain), over 10,000 at the last count I believe so I think we can also de-construct them, and should set about doing so before it gets ugly.

    As for homosexuals, well it may have been in fashion for the ancient Greeks and even Romans but once the Christian got a hold then it just wasn’t acceptable. I’m not so sure it is something that is fashionable I just feel it is actually more acceptable to be gay these days and express it, and rightly so. You have to realise that politicians will exploit any groups to gain power, it’s not all about gay people, it could be immigrants, ethnic groups or even as is apparent in the States right now – Mormons and Evangelicals.

    I’m not gay but I have gay friends and I feel gay or lesbian people should have exactly the same rights and privileges that any citizen does and should not be judged on their orientation. For the record I like women with big breasts and bottoms, imagine if I was judged and persecuted for that?

    Hope that answers it all :-)

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