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Religious Round Up News #6

I’ve been a little bit quiet of late. I guess life takes over sometimes and as much as I’ve wanted to sit down and blog I’ve not found the time unfortunately. There’s a few things I want to post about in the coming weeks, Pagans and Tarot readings spring to mind, I also want to blog about a couple of road trips I’ve had this year to places that I think religious and atheist people will hopefully find interesting.
Now to the blog at hand,¬† and my infrequent posting of the Religion Hurts Humanity series. If you haven’t looked already they have the website linked above and a channel on You Tube here. As usual there’s a cross section of real news articles from all around the world, and yes those pesky pastors are in the latest instalment in force.

Religious Round Up News #5

Continuing the informative bi-monthly series. Initially I was thinking there’s no pastors in it this month but I wasn’t disappointed, like Swiss clock people they appear every episode, at this rate the word ‘Pastor’ will be synonymous with words like charlatan and paedophile.

Religious Round Up News #4

Continuing the series. Yet again a large amount of ‘pastors’ in the news. It’s actually the 6th episode but I’ve only been covering them since the second I think, you can follow the channel on their YouTube channel here.

Going Down

Atheists are still going to Hell. An article in today’s Independent clarified the Catholic churches position on this after some confusion evidently regarding a recent unplanned speech by Pope Francis which hinted that atheist may receive redemption for good deeds etc.
It would seem after reading up on various religious stand points that its actually very hard to avoid hell. Then of course there’s the age old action of submitting, redemption and giving it all up to god on your death bed.
I’d like to ask religious people how they would feel if they were up in heaven¬† looking down towards hell knowing perfectly good people where actually suffering there? Maybe a brother, a sister, a close friend, parent or whoever, would you feel good that they were being punished purely for not believing in your version (lets be honest there’s different versions) of god?
As an atheist I don’t believe in mythical realms and that includes hell. Heaven would be more of the same, eternal submission, chanting and prostrating before a god, therefore in my eyes, my kind of hell. There’s nothing remotely real or tangible about hell, it’s purely a manufactured realm in which to scare people with or say that’s where all the bad people go.

Cruel World

I must confess that the last few days have been difficult. At the weekend two people in the town where I lived lost their lives to an explosion which wrecked their house (and those adjoining too), the cause is yet to be identified. Added to that my dad isn’t in the best of health lately and its causing some concern. For me personally though, my body blow came on Tuesday. I saw an eye specialist/surgeon who basically told me I probably will lose my eyesight prematurely because of a problem that cannot be resolved by surgery, in fact in some respects its just a matter of time. Travelling back home on the train I felt detached and numb, the current problems I’m having with my sight made me even more conscious of matters and it made me realise how truly vulnerable we are in this world. I think in the past I’ve relied on surgeons and medical help but the truth of the matter is they cannot cure everything. The news took some getting to grips with but will not deter me from living life to the full, though I face a problem, as the great Carthaginian general Hannibal once said “I will either find a way or make one”, and that’s how I view the current obstacle in front of me.
Then yesterday came those dreadful events yesterday in London in which a soldier lost his life to extremists, that alone made me realise how lucky I still am. Today David Cameron made a statement saying this had nothing to do with Islam despite the fact the killers had shouted “Allah Akbar” when decapitating the unfortunate soldier who they’d ran over in a cowardly fashion before doing so. The scenes on the news were shocking. It turns out one of the killers was a Christian before converting to Islam. A fleeting thought passed through my mind that you don’t see Christians killing people in this fashion but then images of Charles Manson, David Koresh and Dena Schlosser filled my head (among others).
Many cultures are underpinned by religion and when you have a multicultural society then religious views only serve to increase friction which ignites as they clash. Take away religion from multiculturalism and you’d not have nothing near the same problems. The prime minister obviously chose his words carefully on the news and so did various Muslim leaders on different news platforms because quite rationally nobody wants to incite more trouble but as we know violence breeds more violence especially if fuelled by racial or religious hatred. More bizarrely today the BBC published an article which said immigration was down, was this purely coincidental among current tensions?
Politicians and religious leaders chose their words carefully because words are power tools, whilst they tried to swerve away from Islam the blunt truth is the killers would have been inspired by words from the Koran that encourage violence, here’s some quotes of Muhammad;
“Slay the idolators wherever ye find them”
“Fight those who believe not in Allah… nor acknowledge the religion of truth”
“Smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger tips off them”
“O prophet exhort the believers to fight”
The thing is, people still believe this stuff and similar rubbish in the bible and its time we grew up mentally and consigned religion to history. As for the greater Muslim community here, I know most of you are peaceful and yesterdays tragic events aren’t representative of all but I think your religion is backward and repressive. If we look at its sources its basically borrowed much from Christianity and added other bits, Muhammad’s main goal seems to have been conquest and conversion whilst he was alive and of course that continued after and is still continuing. That said, Muslim fundamentalists and Christian ones, they are all the same – aggressive.
Getting back to the title and point of the thread though, the reality is life is often very cruel, just take the recent Oklahoma tornado for instance, would any Christian like to try and justify that to me in a God sense? Many of us shy away from the reality and cruelty of life because it disturbs us but sooner or later reality comes knocking. nature and life are cruel at times and nothing sums it up better than this Gary Numan quote I found the other day;
“If nature is proof of God’s amazing creation then I have truly seen the light, and the light is black. Nature is genius at its most cruel and savage. No benevolent God could have come up with such an outrage.”
When you constantly see outrages, disasters and murders or experience the harsher reality of life yourself then it’s not hard to see how transparent, impotent and fictional gods really are …

Touching…. But!

I think the story/video currently being played by the news media and social networking sites about the woman finding her dog after the Oklahoma tornado is touching but….. 24 people are dead including 9 children. Why the excitement about a dog? Human deaths seem suddenly forgot as people gives thanks to god for saving a dog! Incidentally this is the same god that just let an entire suburb get laid to waste.

Victoire !

New Zealand approving same sex marriage last week and then France today, these are noteworthy victories for secularism, humanism and atheism. New winds are blowing in and the shackles of old are disintegrating, first century platitudes are losing out to common sense and rational thinking, the scales are tipping. These are great times we are living in, the sight of the New Zealand parliament hugging each other after the vote was fantastic to watch.
Christians, you are losing this fight, in an increasingly aware world your book of lies and fables is faltering daily, humanity is striving for greater things such as equality and acceptance and we are at last leaving dark days behind.
This is indeed a Victoire !

Religious Round Up News #3

Continuing the excellent monthly YouTube series. I lost count in this one how many pastors and priests had been arrested for abuse. As usual the video is informative and eye opening.

Good & Bad

Actually I should have called the blog ‘Slight good news and very bad news’. First the good news and a school in Ohio has had to remove a portrait of Jesus. Secular groups and civil rights activists had argued the portrait constituted an unconstitutional endorsement of religion. Why would any schools want religious images and symbols anyway, lets keep it in churches. Nobody knows for sure what Jesus looked like anyway, its pure guess work as the Bible in its wisdom doesn’t give us a description. The first wider spread imagery of course comes from the Constantine era and after when it was assumed he was bearded and robed, if he’d existed of course then there would have been a good chance of that, however I think he’s a construct character and this isn’t a blog about the validity of his being.
On to the bad news. Three bloggers in Bangladesh have been arrested for allegedly defaming Islam. No surprises there as you only have to cough in Islam’s general direction in some countries and you’re in trouble. Ironically I was reading some Islamic history today and the early scholars of Islam are responsible for some remarkable inventions and discoveries, way before Western Christendom began to rise. Sadly though it seems Islam has gone into some kind of reversal through recent times and the only Muslim scholars you hear about these days are the ones that know how to beat women and spout the tenets of Sharia law. I find it amazing you cannot be a non-believer in some countries such as Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia etc. Well maybe you can but its best to keep it quiet and pretend you’re one of them.
The reality is though, if right wing Christianity could get away with some of the things Islam does then it would do because organised religion is about control.


The spring equinox has arrived and lets hope it brings warmer weather as this winter has seemed rather lengthy. Twice each year the sun crosses celestial equator so we have the vernal equinox and autumnal. The world adjust their clocks accordingly and we moan or cheer about getting more or less sleep. More importantly there’s a significant shift in the weather which of course was more noticed in mankind’s infancy, in most parts of the world we call this period Easter.
Easter wasn’t originally Christian, lets be clear on that, it’s origins are many but most revolve around the above equinox’s and gods from antiquity. Easter being a significant time was subsequently hijacked by Romanized Christianity in due course and then changed to promote the construct character of Jesus. There’s a good little origins of Easter resume here. There’s also lots of Christian sites with varying interpretations and claims on Easter, many of which try and marry it with the bible, such as this one here.
A more real character born today was Rene Descartes, seen by many as the father of modern philosophy.
Easter in the UK is more of a secular affair these days, seen as a few days extra off work, an extended weekend of chocolate eating and beer drinking.
Christianity of course raises its game at Easter seemingly, we’ve had the Turin shroud showcased on tv again, though it still hasn’t been endorsed by the catholic church they still won’t reject it either, its a great piece of propaganda after all. We’ve also seen more of the new Pope, who is flavour of the month on Tv stations world wide lately.
In other news, we have the former arch bishop of Canterbury moaning Christians are being marginalised saying the government is aiding secularism. So it should aid secularism because a secular government makes sense, the alternative is of course a religious based one. What I think is ironic here is the fact when this country was run in a religious people there was zero tolerance on anybody that wasn’t Christian. Sorry Christians but we’re an increasingly free thinking bunch now, gone are the days of your corrupted power which you so desperately crave back. The truth is the UK is one of the most tolerant nations on the planet regardless of peoples different faiths.
So a few thoughts there, happy vernal equinox and I hope the weather improves soon!

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